Commercial Roof Maintenance Makes Sense and Saves Money


A properly maintained commercial roof ensures a building is structurally sound for the maximum amount of time possible. Southern California’s hot sunny summers can damage a roof over time. In the winter, small cracks and entries lead to leaky roofs. Commercial Roof LA will provide regular inspections as part of a commercial roof maintenance strategy. Inspections will determine which repairs and upgrades should be performed to achieve, and in most cases surpass, the expected lifespan. Call for a professional inspection by Commercial Roofing LA today before a small repair turns into a roof replacement.


Benefits of Professional Commercial Roof Maintenance

By regularly maintaining your commercial roof you will save time and money. Often, when problem areas are spotted early only the damaged area needs to be repaired or replaced. Biannual inspections by a professional helps catch problems before they become serious. Inspections are also recommended after cases of extreme weather. Our estimators will inform you of the condition of your commercial roof, propose solutions, and suggest how to prevent future unnessaccary headaches.

A good maintenance program will include a checklist of commonly susceptible areas to be surveyed. With proper logs, this data will help determine which areas of a commercial roof need to be watched more closely. When a problem area is found the cost of the repair will be compared to the amount of time added to the life of the roof. Roof Replacements and major repairs are more easily planned and scheduled with proper maintenance. With proper maintenance and effective repairs, your commercial roof will outlast its original expected usefulness without compromise.


What are common problems to look for?

It’s always advantageous to spot potential problem areas before you start noticing leaks. Even with Southern California’s mild climate, natural elements such as the sun’s heat and the winds work to reduce a commercial roof’s effectiveness.


  • Flashing, a type of weatherproofing that is found between joining areas such as the wall and the roof, is a common area for problems on flat roofs. A properly installed flashing decreases water penetration preventing problems such as mold. Commercial Roof LA can identify and reseal flashing prolonging the health of your commercial roof.
  • Standing water on a flat roof can also shorten a commercial roofs lifespan. Water that is not being drained adds unnecessary weight to the roof and promotes leaks.
  • Winds can create pressures that deteriorate your roof by creating uplift. Strong winds are even capable of blowing off caps on chimneys or vents which would then allow water to make its way in.
  • Skylights should be closely inspected for moisture build up.


Commercial Roofing LA understands that repair costs may come at undesirable times for your business. We make it our business to provide an accurate assessment of your roof’s condition.


Free Estimate to begin a Commercial Roof Maintenance Program

It doesn’t matter who installed your commercial roof, with a quick call to Commercial Roofing LA you will be on your way to reaching the highest standards offered in the Los Angeles area. Whatever stage you’re at, Commercial Roofing LA is your trusted partner for guaranteed commercial roofing service.


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