Cool Roof Coating Systems


Commercial Roofing LA specializes in the application of cool roof coatings. This type of flat roof coating acts as an additional layer and can be used as a commercial roof restoration technique to add years of dependable life to your roof. Sometimes referred to as a white roof, cool roof coatings offer a few benefits which may be of interest to you as a business owner or property manager.


Cool Roof Coatings


When a commercial flat roof has aged and is showing signs that it may need to be replaced, a cool roof coating might be a viable option to explore. A cool roof coating will act as an additional layer strengthening the roof and creating a seamless water barrier. Furthermore, the reflective quality of the white coating is designed to reflect the sun’s rays away from your commercial roof. This will keep your building cooler, saving you on cooling costs, and help prevent premature aging due to the sun’s harsh rays.


A cool roof coating can also be considered on new installations to increase energy savings and extend the lifespan of a commercial flat roof right from the beginning.


Candidates for a Cool Roof Coating Systems

Considering upgrading your commercial flat roof to a white roof? It is important to consider the existing roof’s condition and confirm that it qualifies for an additional layer. Depending on which city your commercial building is located there may be a limit to how many layers are allowed. Commercial Roofing LA will certify that your roof meets all requirements and potentially meets Title-24 compliance.


Most commercial flat roofs can benefit from a cool roof coating. Sloped roofs, pitched composition, and asphalt shingle roofs may also qualify.

Benefits of a Cool Roof

Consider these benefits when deciding to upgrade to a white roof system:


  • Keeps your commercial building cooler, reducing energy consumption and costs. Consider that this may also increase indoor comfort.
  • Prolongs the lifespan of your roof by preventing deterioration from the sun’s harmful UV rays.
  • Reduces landfill waste when used an as alternative to re-roofing or roof replacement.
  • Lightweight, seamless, and environmentally friendly. Proactive and effective as a waterproofing strategy.
  • Potentially tax benefits and Title-24 Compliant.
  • Minimal disruption to your business and faster than completion time than a roof replacement.


Discover how these benefits align with your needs by giving Commercial Roofing LA a call.

Commercial Cool Roofs

Applying a Cool Roof Coating

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with a cool roof coating our installation crews will begin by preparing your commercial roof for the upgrade. It is important to remedy any existing issues before applying the white roof coating. This is done to establish a good base and maximise the benefits of your new cool roof layer. Your commercial roof will also be cleaned and inspected, reinforcing any potential problem areas.


Once the roof preparation is complete our technicians will begin adding the new layers. Several layers may be added and each may need time to cure. Once complete you will be left with a good looking and long lasting commercial roof. Your new commercial white roof will be Energy-Star rated and Title-24 compliant.


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